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RRSS: The First Christmas for Chole!
Title: The First Christmas
Author: Aya.exe
Series: Megaman Classic
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Second Generation and an early model of Fake Man aka Officer Flashman.
Summary: With the coming of winter arrives the holiday season; a season the second generation fails to understand as they carry on with their robotic lives several months after their defeat at the hands of Mega Man.
Snow drifted aloofly as if it were a day dreaming child down from the stormy gray heavens cast over Monsteropolis. Many seemed to pay no mind to the colorless flakes that began to decorate the ruined cityscape with white. Instead, they paid heed to the chill brought with it and dressed in heavy jackets or coats, lined hats or toboggans, scarves, gloves, and a variety of footwear. The humans trekked begrudgingly through the mess that drained the color from the city and imposed with a gloom that the city's recent destruction couldn't compare with as the ruins from the
:iconaya-exe:Aya-exe 8 24
A Proud Sort of Generation
Title: A Proud Sort of Generation
Series: Megaman Classic
Characters: Second and some third generations
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The proud second generation of Robot Master was bested by the Blue Bomber when they threatened the peace of the city Monsteropolis. Defeated, and with their purpose incomplete, they are reduced to merely doing what they must to survive to the next day. Realizing that things aren't taking a turn for the best to prepare for a new fight against Mega Man, Dr. Wily seeks out the assistance of Dr. Light, proclaiming that he's a changed man and develops a Third Generation of Robot Master. With their purpose stripped from them, and their replacement inevitable, the Second Generation is left to cope with this change the best way that they know how: waging bets against the more advanced line in hopes that Mega Man will defeat them so that they may reclaim their place as the best once again.
:iconaya-exe:Aya-exe 12 14
Trade Off
Title: Trade Off
Series: Megaman Classic
Characters: Tornado, Snake, and briefly Hard.
Rating: PG-13
Author: Aya.exe
  This was how any exchange between them worked. Correction, he hoped it worked, prayed the exchange got Snake off his back for one night in the fortress. Regardless of whether he still spied on him after accepting his offer… well, only Snake truly knew, but it reassured him at least, and so far he had yet to glimpse a Search Snake slithering by with the hidden message 'I'm watching you while you're around my brother'. Ohhhh that just got him every time he caught sight of one of those creepy, mechanical little—things! The event made him want to shove bags upon bags of sand in the vents to keep him away from Hard's room when he was present within it. OUT. O-U-T. AWAY. GONE. NOT SPYING ON THEM. SHOO. EAT SAND INSTEAD. STUPID SNAKE.
Of course, he never got the chance to DO anything
:iconaya-exe:Aya-exe 3 1
The Night Is Ours
The Night Is Ours
Mega Man Classic Fan Fiction
Kerena Darklight

A vampire's kiss is the best kiss a living being can ever receive; so the tales say. I have read many novels upon which the receiver of such a sweet and elegant gift becomes entranced, fascinated and even develops feelings for the other. I would like to think that that was the case here; that, like the contents of a novel, I had developed such a strong pull of interest from the throes of a kiss. It could have been contained and avoided by mere will power yet this interest stemmed into being from merely settling my gaze onto this one.
Your beauty seized my attention first and foremost. I still do not understand how someone can look so easily away from you. You would easily steal attention away from any opposition without even trying, my friend and I am not just saying that out of kindness. The day we crossed paths ensured that much, but what caught my attention most was your eyes.
Red eyes that challenge any ruby eve
:iconaya-exe:Aya-exe 1 3
Letters to Terawyn
Letters to Terawyn
By Kerena Darklight

I'll look back for you. I always have and always will. I come to realize how foolish of a thing it is for me to do, but I guess I'm just not one of those people who can let something go. After all, why would I want to let such a wonderful thing go? Before the C.O.R.E.S project came to consume my life; before I forgot what it was to go to bed at a decent hour and wake with a full night's rest; before I forgot what trust was… you were my world, Terawyn, you always were my world even though it didn't seem like it sometimes.
Did you know I woke up every morning and my day was made as soon as I rolled over and saw you sleeping peacefully there next to me? You were blissfully unaware of me watching you; of the goofy little smile you made form along my tired features. Only you could do that. Are you going to smile at me and giggle when you read this? Of course you are I always found some way to bring a smile to your face, and equally a frown
:iconaya-exe:Aya-exe 1 4
Sequence: Numb
Sequence: N u m b
Megaman X Fanfiction

Numb. A reploid can experience numbness, right? Whatever the case, I felt a sense of cold travel through my digital frame; through the thick cords that choked and coiled in and out of metallic parts that made up… me. It kept me frozen as I stood there before what had once been a burial ground for humans. What did they call it?
Oh. Right. Grave yard. My bad. Totally and completely my bad. I'll try to remember that next time when I'm not standing before the very coordinates where he rest. Correction. Should be resting.
What? You think after pieces of the colony Eurasia peppered the earth with tender love and kisses that there would actually be anything left, much less a grave yard? Hah! Either you're severely optimistic or just a moron.
Well. I hate to be the one to burst that pathetic bubble of hope but there's nothing left but a desolate world of radiation, and a collection of rock and ruins mixed with a bit o
:iconaya-exe:Aya-exe 7 9
The Fall of the Monkey King
The taste of yet another victory rest on the tongues of the Dragon Kingdom Freedom Fighters despite their claim on it a few weeks earlier. This victory was special, sacred in that the little band of Dragon Kingdom rebels had finally achieved what their western friend's had: overthrown the terror in the East. The Eggman Empire was no more, his sub-bosses cast from the land… nothing more than a tale to be told to generations of folk after them. A generation that might be able to experience just a bit of peace now that one of the ancient prophecies was met.
It is often times said that when all appears to be lost for they of the Free People; when they crumble to their knees to a force greater than any other, that the Great Golden Lotus King will appear. Worry not, for when the land is thrust into great turmoil the Great Golden Lotus King will come to relieve the Free People of their plight. With mighty strength, an unwavering pride and a divine loyalty that cannot be bested by any
:iconaya-exe:Aya-exe 5 10
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Zelda: Suffocation :iconaya-exe:Aya-exe 88 37

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It has come to my attention that a character of mine, Aya or Red Coat, has been claimed to be given to someone else as a birthday present. If anyone else has heard this story please don't believe it as Aya is still very much my own and I never intend to give the character away. 

If anyone else has seen recreations of the character beyond what has been added to my favorites or doesn't hold a credit with my account name aya-exe or previously known as kerena-darklight00 then let me know so it can be taken care of. Thank you! :> 


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